Guilhem Delon, Painter

From 1 Artist 2 Another

Guilhem Delon, Painter

Its always a  delight to find a painter that has his own voice, his own style, his own life to communicate. Guilhem Delon is a French painter I met through Facebook in 2013. We exchanged our views and mutual respect for each other as artists.  I find Guilhem’s paintings capture the most fleeting of moments. He quietly translates and shares with us the everyday simplicities, places and events, found throughout his colorful world in France and Italy. Guilhem graciously agreed to write for us, in English, the following artist statement!

Artist Statement:

I studiedartwhen Iwas a teenager (now I’m 44 year’s old) at school in Toulouse (SW of France) butI have notbeento theFineArts schools like “Beaux-Arts”. Now I live in Gascony between Bordeaux and Toulouse. I’m taking art courses in an amazing studio in the city where I live (Auch) with…

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