On Guns.

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I am not an American. But in Canada, we get lots of American news, and I follow the gun control debate with interest. In Canada, we also have a public discourse on gun control laws and there is a pretty divided response to our own ‘gun registry’ imposed by the government to force gun owners to register their long guns (restricted and prohibited weapons such as handguns, or modified weapons, were already regulated).

No one seems to mind one whit that handguns and other weapons are tightly controlled in Canada, but people just don’t want to bother with registering their hunting rifles and shotguns. And frankly, the jury is still out on whether or not the long gun registry was a waste of money or not. But we don’t have the problems that America has.

Do I have your attention? Do I have your attention?

I’m not a peacenik anti-gun “make love not war” type…

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