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Trio Trio

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These photos were taken from the Petroleum Club.  It is on the top floor of a building formerly occupied by Exxon Mobile.  The club will move to a new location in 2015.  I used a Samsung Galaxy S3 in the low light mode for the captures.

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Let Your Inner Child Run Wild

Happy New Year Ron!

Ron From Texas

Spidey Spidey

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Instead of posting a silly graphic comparing the traffic on my blog to the Louvre, I will try to give a meaningful year end message.   My blog is four years old this month.  During the first year I had very little contact with other WordPress.Com bloggers.  The beginning of 2013 saw a major shift in viewers of this blog from a certain large photo forum that I no longer frequent, to other WordPress.Com bloggers and other different sources.  I went from about 20 followers to several thousand in a very short period of time, although the growth has since leveled off.  During 2014 I regret several very active bloggers who followed my blog stopped blogging.  In some cases I know why, perhaps the others became bored or worn out.  About one third of the blogs…

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►Greek Mythology: “The Sphinx and her Riddle”.-

⚡️La Audacia de Aquiles⚡️

►Greek Mythology: “The Sphinx and her Riddle”:

guarda_griega1_3 (1)

"Oedipus and the Sphinx" by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1808). “Oedipus and the Sphinx” by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1808).

guarda_griega1_3 (1)


The Sphinx  (from the greek word Σφίγξ,  meaning “to squeeze”, “to tighten up”) was a female mythical creature with the body of a lion, the breast and head of a woman, eagle’s wings and, according to some, a serpent-headed tail.

According to Hesiod, the Sphinx was daughter of Orthus and Chimaera, born in the country of the Arimi (Theog. 326).

According to Sophocles, when King Laius of Thebes was murdered, by an unknown in a Phocian road, the king’s brother-in-law Creon came to power.

It was during his regency that the Sphinx came to  Thebes, as a punishment, sent by Hera, or, according to other accounts, by Hades, and  and gobbling up people

The Sphinx guarded the entrance to the Greek city of Thebes, and to have asked a…

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Christmas Bokeh – Monochrome Madness Selective Color Christmas Edition

Fun captures Laura & I like the collage you’ve created ~ Happy Holidays!

Laura Macky Photography

For this week’s selective color challenge, I chose to work on a bokeh image I took when my husband and I were walking through a decorated neighborhood recently.  There were 150 houses all lit up. Some had music that you could tune your car radio to and the lights would move to the beat of the music.  It was quite something!

Despite all the magnificent house decorations and opportunities to shoot entire lighting scenes, I went there for the sole reason of taking bokeh.   This image was originally all in gold, so I changed it to black and white and then used a mask and brush to reveal the gold.  I’ve included the original at the bottom in a slideshow with some other bokeh shots.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Bokeh - Selective Color Christmas Bokeh – Selective Color

For the entire gallery, please check Leanne Cole’s blog later…

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South of Kona

Lovely island, lovely post Ron!

Ron From Texas

The Painted Church The Painted Church

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South of Kona there are a series of nearby beaches.  Place of Refuge is a Pu’uhonua o National Historic Park and it is adjacent to Two Steps Beach, a popular snorkeling and scuba diving spot.  Further down the road is Hookena Beach Park where I photographed some locals and their boats.

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Christmas Tree in the Tropical Sea

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! ❤ to you this holiday dear Indah

indahs: dive, travel & photography

Fifth edition of Marine Life monthly post. Since it is almost Christmas, why not introducing a unique looking worm called Christmas Tree. It is a worm but it will not eat your Christmas tree 😉

Christmas Tree WormChristmas Tree worm (spirobranchus giganteus) is a tube-building worm that lives in the stony coral. They have beautiful crowns that shaped like Christmas tree with bright color feather tentacles (radioles). These worms are regularly seen in tropical sea water like in the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific. They are very sensitive to movement and lights. They react very fast by retracting their radioles inside their tubes. For this reason I have not been able to capture their pictures perfectly with their top to make them look like Christmas Trees.

Christmas Tree WormThe tube of the worm is lined with appendages that aid the worm in mobility. The worm does not move outside its tube and the appendages do…

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North of Kona

missing Hawaii ~ thanks for the reminders of her beauty Ron!

Ron From Texas

Napoopoo View Napoopoo View

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The Big Island is mostly covered by lava fields and volcanic ash. The beaches are no exception. Few of them are sandy. While visiting the petroglyphs, I spoke to a lady who said “I don’t do drugs, but there are some trippy looking trees up at the North end of this island. Just drive past Hawi until the road ends.” She forgot to mention the steep trail down to the beach.

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