No D.O.G. Left Behind…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

ColorfulPoodleFB“Colorful Poodle” Dog Art

Mixed Media Collage Painting

Sharon Cummings




Me and my family are the loving caretakers to a white standard poodle named Lucy. She is a rescue, but she was a hard sell because she came to us 10 years ago mostly blind and horribly un-socialized with people and other dogs.  She did not understand “petting” or “playing”.  She would stiffen up at the touch of your hand and crane her head away. She would growl if any of our other dogs even sniffed her.  She has never been aggressive, but it took many years to get her anywhere near normal dog behavior.  We thought about giving her back to rescue at one point.  She just didn’t seem to be responding to us.  Then we got Toby, our yellow lab, and slowly and cautiously he brought her out of her shell.  For the first time, she…

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