Fairytale Prompt #42 – The Magic Tree Cafe



Gwen Genalt woke early. It was Saturday morning and she knew Saturday’s were their busiest days.

Already she could hear Gerry her husband hard at work down stairs getting ready for the day.

Gwen and Gerry ran the Magic Tree Café and their business was thriving.

Gwen looked at the list of orders she had for the day and thought of her job as the best in the world. It gave her great satisfaction to run a café that was so popular.

Gwen had a talent not everyone had. She could cook.

Today she would prepare the usual fare for the café but she knew the extra orders she had before her would round off her day.

Not every one could bake fairy cakes. Many tried but none were as successful as Gwen. By post-breakfast there would be a queue outside the front door of eager patrons waiting for that…

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