“The Wand Of Narcissism” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Don Charisma

In the good old days to get a self-portrait out of camera, you had to either be very dexterous or ask a passer-by. The passer-by option was a little risky in some places, because thieves might just run off with one’s camera. Cut to present day – with Facebook profiles desperate to be fed with endless photos of faces, and welcome “The Selfie Stick”.


I made joke with a friend last night about his use of his Selfie Stick (all in good humour). He emailed me today with an article on the self-portrait accessory for cameras and smart-phones – from which I now know it’s funny name – THE WAND OF NARCISSISM, cracked me up, still chuckling to myself to be honest 😀

Here in Asia the Asians use them a lot with smart-phones, presumably to feed their Facebook addictions. I don’t know if Europe, UK and USA are…

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