Let Your Inner Child Run Wild

Happy New Year Ron!

Ron From Texas

Spidey Spidey

There are 3 Photos in This Gallery and a longer than usual message.

Instead of posting a silly graphic comparing the traffic on my blog to the Louvre, I will try to give a meaningful year end message.   My blog is four years old this month.  During the first year I had very little contact with other WordPress.Com bloggers.  The beginning of 2013 saw a major shift in viewers of this blog from a certain large photo forum that I no longer frequent, to other WordPress.Com bloggers and other different sources.  I went from about 20 followers to several thousand in a very short period of time, although the growth has since leveled off.  During 2014 I regret several very active bloggers who followed my blog stopped blogging.  In some cases I know why, perhaps the others became bored or worn out.  About one third of the blogs…

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