Christmas Bells #4… have a reason to celebrate!


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

There is this joke that if you were to put Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad and The Buddha in one room, after a while, they are likely to come out smiling but, if you tried same with a Jehovah’s Witness’ overseer, a Pentecostal pastor and a Catholic priest, you better have the emergency services on hand!
This may be a mere light-hearted imagery but, sadly it contains some truth!
If the first meeting were to take place, tranquil calm is likely to prevail and in the quietude the deep will recognize the deep! The past, present and future would coalesce in a transcendental living experiencing of how their lives have converged and diverged in bygone times and how, if permitted by the Almighty, this could be repeated, more or less, in the radiations in future! Such a meeting would turn out to be a solemn…

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