Messing Around While I Am Bored

3 cheers for Tangled FX – it’s cleaned up your streets 🙂


I took this picture from my IPad. We talk of clean India, but people will chuck their garbage around a trash can, and not into a trash can. No wonder we lose Test Matches in cricket. We just cannot hit the stumps. Dang! Now, we know the secret!

Anyhow, this is a rather shitty aspect of Indian culture. We blame the government for everything, and do not do a shit ourselves to improve the country.

It is YOUR problem, you see.
It is YOUR responsibility, not mine.
YOU are accountable, not me.
I can scratch my arse and fart, but YOU cannot dare to do the same thing.

For those interested, I first did some fiddling with Tangled FX on the IPad. I created an etching.
I then edited it on Lightroom Mobile, and applied a selenium tint to it.
I further applied some finishing touches via Photoshop Express.


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