Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself. ~Desiderius Erasmus


Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Branches of Light Abstract Macro Glass Photography-by Omaste Witkowski

Branches of Light

I see a branch of light extending to all of the darkness in the world. Bright enough to gain the attention of all the souls in the world. A brilliant and welcoming invitation to another way of thinking and a chance to rest for a minute and enjoy the colors……

This picture was part of a commissioned series created for a local Hotel.


This picture started out as a picture of handblown glass created by Garth Mudge of Glassworks. Glassworks is located downtown Winthrop Wa (Washington State), in the beautiful Methow Valley. The Methow is a small jewel of an area not too far from Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Okanogan County is such a great place to live for all of the sunshine and outdoors recreation.
It was taken with a Macro lens and is a very small section of the overall object. I am…

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