There’s a new sparerib restaurant in Kobe, so we checked it out last night. We sampled the mustard, onion & garlic, and the apple sauce-glazed ribs. They were pretty good. Coming from the States, though, I’m used to spareribs that kind of ‘fall off’ the bone, but, these were a bit tougher. It’s a unique place offering about 6-8 different-flavored  spareribs and 10 different-flavored fries (cheese, sour cream, bbq, etc.)

However, what really makes this place unique and seemingly out of sync with the rest of Kobe’s restaurants, are the erotic black and white photos lined up on the wall in the unisex bathroom showing naked women eating ribs and with sauce dripping down their breasts. No lie. Strange. In addition to that, there’s one huge photo of a bare breasted woman sucking on a rib in the main dining area! People just unabashedly carry on with their meals as…

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