Fairytale Prompt #38 – Christmas in the Ferns

Lovely memories and post!



Christmas among the Ferns was always a special time. From the time I was a child and until now the sight of the Ferns alight with Christmas cheer, hope, love and celebration has always enthralled me.

My own children from the earliest age and even today when they return make it their business to visit the Ferns and reacquaint themselves with the Fern people.

From December 1st the preparation for Christmas begins. I am not sure when the Fern folk began to celebrate this festive season but they always have in my lifetime. All through the Ferns, over every bush, plant and tree are strung fairy lights, minute little globes that shine at night like no other light, some that blink and glow in every increasing degrees of brightness, in every hue imaginable, each family sharing their expertise in providing a light show that is unique to their particular household.

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