MTB – What we’re reading out of books & into them – The Coffee Shop



My coffee shop bulges

Crowds crush forward

Standing ten deep they peer

On toes, leaning on shoulders

There’s a man there,

A woman too.

It can’t be can it?

Mr Potter?

Miss Dorothy?

They eye each other over their lattes

Curiosity raises an eyebrow.

‘I’m off to see a wizard,’ says Dorothy

‘You’re in the right place,’ says Harry

The spectators press


A spell

They gasp

His wand is raised

A bolt of lightning

Dorothy’s coffee, refreshed.

A collective ohhhhhhh

Settles over the onlookers

IPhones record the event

Destined for social media.

Harry smiles, Dorothy giggles

They toast each others health.

My cash register runs hot.


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