Something New

Free by Forty

I like to learn something new every day.  I believe a day is not complete without my brain absorbing one tiny nugget of knowledge be it useless or useful.

Yesterday was a Holy Day of Obligation.  Yesterday was The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  I, like many Catholics, always thought I knew what this day was about.  I, like many Catholics, thought it was when Mary conceived Jesus.  However, if I would have actually thought about it, I would have realized that 17 days is not enough time for a baby to grow in the womb … big dummy!

So what is this Feast Day?  It is when Mary was conceived!  According to the site About Religion, “God had sanctified Mary at the moment of her conception in His foreknowledge that the Blessed Virgin would consent to bear Christ. In other words, she too had been redeemed—her redemption had…

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