Creative Expressions #3: 2-word prompt (dust, bark) – Bull-dust



This week we are asked to use the words ‘bark’ and ‘dust’ in our story.

There’s a lot of bull dust in my life.

You might say my bark is worse than my bite.

Then again those who know me might say: What bite?

One of life’s challenges is knowing people.

Picking the truth from the layers of bull dust.

Bark is a substance so you might say I have some bark about me. I can pen a reasonable sentence from time to time. Oh please don’t get excited this could be a time for non-reasonable sentences, one never knows but as it is Christmas we are forgiving are we not?

Speculating is what many of us bloggers do. The blogs with enigmatic names we wonder who is the person behind the name? For once the dust settles we might see the real person, separate the bark from the chaff.

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