Is is possible to enjoy yourself alongside 47 000 other people ?

Darwin on the rocks and around the world

It is possible, but it is not that easy ….

Not so long ago, I was telling you about my visit to Disneyland Paris and how I wasn’t prepared to face so many people… oh well, I regret having said these words now 😀

The last time felt almost too good compared to the crowds we’ve faced last weekend… 47 000 people or something like that. We had to wait for hours in order to do some attractions, it was impossible to have food or drink because everything was so full. Not to mention doing some shopping, because too many people were packed in the shops…

The only advantage is that we had the entrance to both parks (Walt Disney Studio and Disneyland) due to a mistake of the tour company. Since we haven’t been there the last time, we decided to spend most of our time in the new…

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