The Me I Turned Out to Be

Always grateful for your amazing poetry!



I keep trying to be myself
but I always end up
being someone else
or something else.
The dirt gives way
and I’m am a tumble
of slips
and gasps
and reaches.
My toes slip through
the frigid air
and I’m caught between
you and now
and it’s a mystery
that finds only
mismatched puzzle pieces
instead of easy answers.
Who is this me
that exists without you
and who was that girl
who you loved
in that microsecond of us?
I wonder if I’m made
from these moving boxes
and dingy white walls
or if leaving is what made me.
So much leaving
that I must be stitched
from beautiful moments
and sad ones
and pieces of shattered ones
that disappear
like snowflakes on the sea.
Or perhaps I’m what you made me–
strong and simple and yours.
I’m a lock with a key
that I don’t even have

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