Forty-Six And Her

Behind the White Coat


“Anything new I need to know about you since your last visit?” My fingers hovered over the keyboard, ready to enter the data.

“Uh, yeah.” She pulled out a sheaf of papers. “I discovered that the woman I thought was my adopted mom is actually my biological mom.”

It took a moment for my brain to wrap itself around that juicy tidbit. I stared at her until I realized my jaw had dropped and my mouth was gaping open obscenely.

(Shut your mouth!)

She coughed awkwardly. “My adopted father is not my biological father, though…”

Her hand held the papers out to me. I thumbed through them as she waited. She had had her DNA analyzed. She had a 15% higher chance of cardiovascular disease than the general population. Meh.

The DNA mapping had been her attempt to figure out her medical risk factors. Both her mother and father had…

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