This Really S.T.I.N.K.S.!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

“Dee Stinktive”

New Animal Art Print

Mixed Media Painting/Collage

Sharon Cummings


Florida has skunks.  I have never seen one, but I know they exist here.  My childhood memories have some strong evidence to support my claim!  I can remember quite vividly the 3 separate occasions that our dogs “Tager” and “Busch” came home covered in the not so delightful aroma of skunk.  Yes, my Dad named one after the beer. Anyway, they knew they smelled bad when they would wander back up to the house after a day of “hunting”.  No amount of bathing would get rid of the stink.  It took weeks to finally wear off.  They only had each other during that time as no one else wanted anything to do with them.  But today you can enjoy a nice safe distance from this colorful little critter!








Skunk Art Animal Prints

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