You’re being told what to think…REALLY???

another great post from Mr. Cultural Monk ~ thanks!

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ At coffee recently I couldn’t help but overhear a rather loud argument two middle aged dudes were having nearby. The one dude was trying to convince the other that the President of the United States is the best the country has ever had, and the other dude was trying to argue the contrary. What struck me as rather typical is the fact that both of the guys were using the same old rhetoric that we’ve all heard a million times.

Whether you live in Great Britain, Australia, or the United States; arguments, discussions and conversation throughout much of the world tends to be the same old rehearsed topics and issues we’ve heard adnauseum our entire lives. Originality in thought and conversation is grossly lacking throughout the Western World.

Much of this stale manner of thinking and conversation is connected to the stark reality that everyone…

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