In Flight – Monochrome Madness

mysterious flock ~ ominous weather ~ wonderful capture!

Laura Macky Photography

This week I dove into my archives and found an image I hadn’t worked on and thought I’d see what I could come up with.  And no, I did not dive in the pike position.  😛

My husband and I were walking along the beach at Half Moon Bay and we saw a flock of seagulls standing along the shoreline.  They were perfectly content to stand there as we walked by, but I really wanted the birds in flight, so my husband gave them a mean look……….just kidding!  LOL.  My husband actually jogged through the flock so they would take off in flight and I fired off a few shots.  We were just helping them work off their breakfast.  🙂

I’ve seen these gulls all my life but I’m not exactly sure what constitutes the darker-color except they could be younger.  I know the adults have the whiter face, neck…

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