Photo Challenge #22 “Seesaw”



You flit you know

From one spot to another

Like emotions stuck on the see saw of life

You never flutter

That’s too much to ask for

Too predictable you might say.

So you flit interminably

While those behind struggle

With keeping up

Hanging on to your intangibleness.

You never look behind do you?

The flotsam and jetsam of life

Left floundering in your wake

Collateral damage I once heard you say.

Heads shake some even roll

As you bluster your way ahead

Pleasant to some vicious to others

The fools you say who don’t see your way

Those with the audacity to question

Even query your motives.

The arse lickers of course congregate

Singing in chorus

Harmonious praise to the most high

With little acumen they accept your grossness

Their blind faith like some religious cult.

With the faithful gathered around you

I watch as you bask in their…

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