Friends With Benefits Can Actually Work


Friends with benefits CAN work… If you follow these simple rules.

There’s a “Seinfeld” episode called “The Deal” where Jerry and Elaine try to be “friends with benefits”, and come up with a list of rules to make it work. Then of course it DOESN’T work.

Well, a group of relationship experts think THEY’VE come up with a list of 11 rules that WILL make it work, if both people follow them. See what you think.

1. It can only last three months, max. Then if you DO want to extend it, you have to talk about it first.

2. You can’t tell your friends. If they find out, they’ll either give you crap, or act weird around you. Either way they’ll ruin it.

3. You can’t go on dates, it has to be purely about hooking up.

4. No public displays of affection.

5. You can only get it…

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