My Camera & My Chai – Introspecting

Rajiv Chopra

My Camera And My Chai My Camera And My Chai

The last picture that I posted, and the article that I put up does seem to evoked a lot of emotion in those who read it. Yet, I did not write about what I felt.

I was standing at the corner, chatting with some men who I was photographing, and I was looking over at the street food vendor’s stall. I watched people eat, and throw their trash into a bin, and I thought – “cool man, we are developing a modicum of civic sense!” That is when I looked down, and saw the old lady sitting by my feet. I got a shock. I have seen poverty. I have seen death. I have seen a little girl right after her “masters” put her eye out because (presumably) she was not raking in enough money. Begging is big business in India, and in many places…

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