Fashion Lizard at Desert Harbor

The Way to Off Center & Not Even

45CU4357 The perfect show lizard pose

We also came across a couple of Collared Lizards while on our hike in the canyon at Desert Harbor Retreat (see earlier posts, starting with Off The Grid for the full series on Desert Harbor Retreat). The first we lizard saw was shy and wary of us, but the second lizard was a real show lizard who made a reptilian fashion statement by moving from one rock to another striking poses, then striking the perfect show lizard pose on a weathered log. I simply followed her around capturing her poses and cute expressions.

45CU4340 Looking good

45CU4364 Fashionable spots and collar

45CU4314 This is the shy lizard, not too sure about the guy with the camera

45CU4316 Keeping on weary eye on the paparazzi

45CU4321 Ha! You can’t get to me under this tree (notice the change in color to better blend in with the darker soil under the tree)

45CU4338 What are you doing on…

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