Spring Quarterly – Urban (May 2014 / 14.10)

Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series

Spring Quarterly – Urban (May 2014 / 14.10)

La ville by Francis Denis La ville by Francis Denis

Francis Denis is a semi-professional French painter. One reviewer states emphatically: “Francis’ abstract figurative paintings evolve around the single theme of emotion. Everything in these mysterious works is centered around the humble and sad angst that the figures portray. How Francis does this is quite spectacular. Set on a single tone backdrop, an immediate mood is set by the colour of these bold platforms. The expressive brushwork uses contrasting tones and the white outline of his subjects creates an almost collage-like aesthetic. [His work] allows for a playful and engaging guessing game for the viewer.”


Gary Sloboda

Schoenberg, Los Angeles

Eighty degrees as the marine layer peeled away, he stood in his brown suit by the walkway gate to ponder the chirping of migratory birds. The palms were deceitful, their spiked shadows presaging a darker clime as…

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