HarsH ReaLiTy

It is 5:18 am and the only one up is me and these damn rabbits. Their happiness annoys me. I mean what are they so happy about? I know that rabbit has never even seen a carrot, I don’t grow them, so what does he have to look forward to? And why the hell does it annoy me so much?


I am not a shining example, I am a falling star. A falling star has no friends, much like a leper they know their fate. Or at least we did. Thoughts in my head, they don’t stop. I can point them out as well.

There is the voice of the asshole, he is generally very loud, and thus always in the forefront. Whispering advice on what insults to use and how to dress them in such a disguise. A true bastard, but we are aren’t we?

“Yes, we are.”

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