Fairytale Prompt #10 – The Mind Dragon


2014-05-20 01.27.37

I was sitting in my garden looking out over the view, sipping on my morning cup of tea, daydreaming as I do when I’m sitting there looking over the flood plain. I heard a rustle behind me; a sort thud and looking round and saw a sight that took my breath away.

There stood a dragon, some fifteen feet long at least. Looking at me initially I thought as his next meal. To say I was somewhat taken aback is to put it all mildly.

The dragon looked me in the eye and suddenly we were connected. He spoke to me in my mind.

‘Good morning, I am a Mind Dragon.’

‘A Mind Dragon?’

‘Yes. You can see me but I speak to you through your mind. Cool eh?’

‘Yes. Remarkable. What do you want?’

‘Ah I knew you’d ask that. Oh and by the way I am not here…

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