Meeting the bar – the haibun – Meeting



I am standing watching you. I see the hesitation, the coyness of your person, you are apprehensive I can see that.

I am contemplating how I can make this easier for you.

You have travelled far to get to this point. We have made plans, wonderful plans, and despite the planning, the scheming, the dreaming we are still physical strangers.

I know what I am expecting but are you?

I watch as you look about, you scan the arrivals, I know you are looking for evidence of that grainy photo I sent so long ago. In my heart I know we are going to be ok. Outside the sun shines, the beginnings of spring are upon us. I see that as an omen for us.

I catch your eye as you glance my way. You stop, look again, your eyes fixed on mine, simultaneously we step forward.

across a vast…

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