The Separation Of Being Cool And Being An Ass …

Truth Shall Set You Free So Don't Be A Crybaby

In the vast arena of things that drive my passion, annoy me and generally fuel my debating fire there lies the sorted topic of organized religion’s power over the masses.  Now I realize with that sentence alone I have already offended at least several hundred people so I invite you to stop reading and go pray for me or whatever it is the easily offended groups do nowadays.  If you are interested in a true opinionated piece then have a seat and have a quick read.  In all honesty it is not my intention to offend but with this topic it is impossible and at the end of the day I will speak my mind and lose no sleep over those that cry about it.

Organized religion reminds me of the old telephone game where one kid tells a secret to their friend, that friend tells it to the…

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