Stepping out of my shell challenge – Nancy

Penguin Ponderings

Here is some flash fiction for you. I wasn’t going to use this blog to post any fiction; much less fiction that shouldn’t see the light of day, but a challenge is a challenge. Haven’t done this for a long time. Was good to challenge myself again. I was provided the opening phrase and took it from there. I also only had 24 hours to submit this for a contest.


It was Christmas Eve; Nancy dozed before the fireplace, wondering if he would come, as promised. A half empty bottle of Chardonnay left a sticky circle beside a pile of letters from her beloved David. He was a good boy, her David, and he always had been. He was polite and smart, a terrific athlete, and if he wasn’t the funniest person alive, he was a close second. He came home for every holiday when he first went off…

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