Poetry Prompt 13 – No Punctuation – discourse on love



im asking you a question is this

or that

or something else

what you mean

one day not far from here in a little green


there will

sit a

blue box

with a painted


that will say

please sir if you can

assist id appreciate it as

i have no visible signs of

help in this dog eat dog world

so if you


help that would be nice

if you call me at onehindredsixfoureightteheleven

ill get back to you in no time

in your case

a probably long

time as

I have been

known to

be a right


with me grammar and me

spellin isnt so good neither

oh #@#$%$#^&%$^$& and *&^$$%*$@%$@%

so don’t wait up


may be a


or even longer as this

poems takin

me an

eternity to


Written for: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/poetry-prompt-13-no-punctuation/

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