What’s Your Favorite Color?

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


People always ask me about my favorite color.  That really is a hard question because I love ALL of the major colors and most of the secondary and beyond. Can I say that color is my favorite color?  Actually, it is green.  I’ve always had an affinity for this beautiful hue. It is so full of life and growing energy.  It makes me feel healthy and alive.  I lean toward the brighter shades up to lime green, but am equally comfortable with the rich earthy olives.  It’s a versatile shade.  I particularly enjoy pairing it with hints of blue as you see in my newest painting “Life Song”.  In this piece I believe the yellow is “green with envy”. 😉

….  . .

.   … .

. ..


. ..

.   … .

….  . .


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