Poetry Special – (March 2014 / 14.5)

Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series

Poetry Special – (March 2014 / 14.5)

Leaf in a Pattern by Robin GrotkeLeaf in a Pattern by Robin Grotke

Artist, Robin Grotke, is a photographer and artist living in southeastern North Carolina. She currently serves on the Board of the Cape Fear Camera Club in Wilmington as Exhibits Chair and is the Curator/Director of the Cowan Museum of History and Science in Kenansville.


Susan Terris

Thump: Not Falling Is Hard

Seduction comes to us every day in so many ways.
It’s too easy to fall for a man, a woman,

baby blowing raspberries, a leather jacket,
that Labradoodle, the French butcher who still calls

you Mademoiselle, the movie guy who looks at you
and says, A senior ticket? Or maybe the waitress

who puts 5 martini olives in a separate glass,
the rabbi at a grandson’s wedding who says, She’s

the grandmother? Are these sweet nothings? The Boss can
still sing…

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