Lotus Glow

Priya Ghose Photography

Lotus flower

Beautiful and delicate, Bowl Lotus ‘Beautiful Dancer’ appears to glow in the soft afternoon sunlight.

I’ve been growing waterlilies for years, and they always take off and bloom fantastically in my tiny ponds. Growing lotus has been much more of a challenge. I’ve selected the smallest lotus type available, called “bowl lotus,” and they are supposed to do well in small pots.

The first year I grew them was a complete failure, as raccoons used the water to vigorously wash their food and paws each night, and the tiny signs of life from each lotus soon vanished and I was left with rotting tubers. The bloom on ‘Beautiful Dancer’ pictured above is from my second attempt at growing lotus (last year), and out of my three lotus plants it was the only one to successfully grow and bloom. I’m currently trying again, and while I have leaves on two of…

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