Blue Five Notebook – (April 2014 / 14.7)

Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series

Blue Five Notebook – (April 2014 / 14.7)

Langa Township Hostel by Martyn FerryLanga Township Hostel by Martyn Ferry

Artist, Martyn Ferry, was born in London but grew up in the peaceful climes of Hertfordshire. After studying art and photography in Cambridge he moved back to London and spent a few years working as a commercial photographer, which put him off photography for a while, until he spent two and a half years travelling throughout Australasia and Asia where he well and truly got the bug again. Since then he has specialized in landscape and nature photography of all kinds. He lives and works in the Cotswolds. More at his photography website.

Langa Township was taken when Martyn visited South Africa in 2012. Martyn writes, “Langa was established in 1927 as part of the Urban Areas Act, and is one of the many areas in South Africa designated for Black Africans before the apartheid era…

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